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ePrint Report: Tight Security of Double-Block Nonce-Based MACs

Wonseok Choi, Jooyoung Lee, Yeongmin Lee

In this paper, we study the security of MAC constructions among those classified by Chen et al. in ASIACRYPT '21. Precisely, $F^{\text{EDM}}_{B_2}$ (or $\mathsf{EWCDM}$ as named by Cogliati and Seurin in CRYPTO '16), $F^{\text{EDM}}_{B_3}$, $F^{\text{SoP}}_{B_2}$, $F^{\text{SoP}}_{B_3}$ (all as named by Chen et al.) are proved to be fully secure up to $2^n$ MAC queries in the nonce-respecting setting, improving the previous bound of $\frac{3n}{4}$-bit security. In …

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