Sept. 17, 2023, 4:10 p.m. | Dancho Danchev

Security Boulevard

Dear blog readers,

The following is a personally identifiable email address compilation known to belong to known members of the Breach Forums cybercrime-friendly forum community which I've decided to share with the idea to assist researchers vendors and organizations including U.S Law Enforcement on its way to properly track down and monitor and prosecute the cybercriminals behind these campaigns.

Sample personally identifiable email address accounts of known Breach Forums members include:









megadabbz[.] …

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Business Information Security Officer

@ Metrolink | Los Angeles, CA

Senior Security Engineer

@ Freedom of the Press Foundation | Remote, 4 hour time zone overlap with New York City

Security Engineer

@ ChartMogul | Remote, EU

Malware Reverse Engineer

@ Two Six Technologies | Fort Meade, Maryland

SOC Analyst Level 3

@ OpenBet | Bengaluru, India

Course Developer, Network Security

@ Palo Alto Networks | Plano, TX, United States