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Jan. 7, 2022, 2:20 a.m. | Mahmoud S. Fayed

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Networks exist all around on the planet, and inside the brain of every living
organism. On the city streets we see transport networks, inside homes and
organizations we see water piping networks. And in the digital information age
we see the rise of the computer networks and the mobile networks and their
upgrade from generation to generation. We need networks for efficient sharing
of resources and as human beings the most valuable thing that we can share
along the time …

challenge iot network security

Head of Information Security

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Information Technology Specialist (INFOSEC)

@ U.S. Securities & Exchange Commission | Washington, D.C.

Information Security Manager - $90K-$180K - MANAG002176

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Sr. Software Security Architect

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Senior Incident Responder

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Data Security DevOps Engineer Senior/Intermediate

@ University of Michigan - ITS | Ann Arbor, MI