Oct. 1, 2023, 3:15 a.m. | /u/variedlength

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I see these levels referred to a lot in cybersecurity jobs listings but they typically don’t list the salary ranges that come with them.

They are consistent with experience/education required to fit within those levels but when doing some research on the salaries of those levels, there are inconsistencies. This is understandable because they’re different companies but I am wondering: what should these salaries look like?

I ask because l’ll have a bachelors and 6 years experience which would place …

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Humbly Confident Security Lead

@ YNAB | Remote

Information Technology Specialist II: Information Security Engineer

@ WBCP, Inc. | Pasadena, CA.

Director of the Air Force Cyber Technical Center of Excellence (CyTCoE)

@ Air Force Institute of Technology | Dayton, OH, USA

Senior Cyber Security Analyst

@ Valley Water | San Jose, CA

Cybersecurity Subject Matter Expert

@ QinetiQ US | Washington, DC, United States

Program Cybersecurity Manage (F/M/X)

@ Alstom | Villeurbanne, FR