Nov. 17, 2023, 6:41 a.m. | Pr3ach3r

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Don’t allow your hex editor to be a vulnerability.

whata hell is ht?


Hello everyone, welcome to my infosec journey. Today, we will talk about the dangers of using insecure login credentials and improper sudo access. The Kioptrix level 3 machine on vulnhub allows us to study these vulnerabilities. This is a easy machine that has common vulnerabilities like SQL injection, weak passwords and wrong sudo atribution.

Disclamer: The difficulty of a task varies depending on one’s …

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Paid internship - Cybersecurity [BGSW]

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Cybersecurity Officer

@ People In Need | Prague 2, Prague, Czechia

University -Cybersecurity Consultant

@ Booz Allen Hamilton | USA, CA, San Diego (1615 Murray Canyon Rd)

Senior Security Engineer, Detection Engineering

@ Lyft | Seattle, WA

Architecte de la sécurité des applications / Application Security Architect

@ Genetec | Montreal, Quebec, Canada

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