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April 26, 2022, 1:17 p.m. | /u/ianopolous

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It's like Dropbox, but private. Like Facebook, but without snooping. Like Trello, but not centralised. After nine years in the making, it's finally here... introducing \[drumroll sound\] [Peergos](https://peergos.org) - a global encrypted filesystem with fine-grained access control and a host of useful applications.

## Features

1. [Decentralized social media](https://peergos.org/posts/decentralized-social-media)
2. [Calendar](https://peergos.org/posts/calendar)
3. [Search](https://peergos.org/posts/file-search)
4. Text editor
5. [To-do boards](https://peergos.org/posts/private-kanban)
6. [Markdown based wiki](https://peergos.org/posts/markdown-browser)
7. Video/audio player
8. Image gallery
9. Secure PDF viewer
10. [Customizable profiles](https://peergos.org/posts/social-profile)
11. [Personal website hosting](https://peergos.org/posts/p2p-web-hosting) …

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