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So I decided to change my major because I'm looking to become a security engineer. I start in the fall and I was looking for some professional advice. Which undergrad between these two would be best? I'm not concerned about workload, I know the two of these require an extensive amount of studying and work but I'm prepared for that. I'm just wondering which is best to prepare me to become a security engineer.

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Director of the Air Force Cyber Technical Center of Excellence (CyTCoE)

@ Air Force Institute of Technology | Dayton, OH, USA

Senior Cyber Security Analyst

@ Valley Water | San Jose, CA

Omada Identity Consultant

@ Accenture | Wroclaw, West House

Compliance Team Manager

@ Civil Aviation Authority | London, GB

Cloud Security Engineer

@ NetApp | Bengaluru, Karnataka, IN, 560071

InfoSec - Product Security - Senior Program Manager

@ Elastic | Canada