May 12, 2024, 6:51 p.m. | anuragtaparia

InfoSec Write-ups - Medium

Hey, I am back with another write-up. Try this room and many more at TryHackMe!!!



nmap scannmap -sV -sC [IP] -T5

We got two port open 22 and 80

Port 80

Let’s visit port 80

port 80

Let’s do gobuster for directory enumeration

gobustergobuster dir -u [URL] -w /path/to/wordlist

Unfortunately, the Gobuster scan did not find anything interesting on the web server.
Let’s look for subdomains

wfuzz for subdomainswfuzz -c -u http://creative.thm -H “Host: FUZZ.creative.thm” …

creative ctf tryhackme tryhackme-walkthrough tryhackme-writeup

Sr. Product Manager

@ MixMode | Remote, US

Information Security Engineers

@ D. E. Shaw Research | New York City

Technology Security Analyst

@ Halton Region | Oakville, Ontario, Canada

Senior Cyber Security Analyst

@ Valley Water | San Jose, CA

Engineer I, S/W QA Cyber Security

@ Boston Scientific | Pune, IN

Application Security and Secure-SDLC Expert

@ CYE | Herzliya, Israel