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Regulatory mandates. Whatever you may think of their intention, execution, or implications, they’re a critical part of the landscape for security teams. This is particularly true for organizations based in the EU and for entities that do business with EU-based organizations. A new directive will be introduced within the next year that promises to have a huge impact.

The History of NIS2

In 2016, the European Commission established the first set of EU-wide cyber security directives, known as …

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Product Management Director - Application Security

@ Salesforce | India - Hyderabad

Security Leader - Ambulatory Monitoring & Diagnostics

@ Philips | Malvern - B1

Senior Security Analyst

@ NVIDIA | US, CA, Santa Clara

Cyber Risk & Reg - Control Testing Manager - BLR

@ PwC | Kolkata (AC) - Bengaluru Quay - Bagmane Tech Park (KSDC)

Security Engineer

@ Salesforce | California - San Francisco

Senior Security Engineer

@ Remitly | Tel Aviv, Israel